20 Essential iPhone Tips and Tricks for New Users 2024


iPhone Tips and Tricks for New Users

20 Essential iPhone Tips and Tricks for New Users 

Congratulations on joining the rapidly expanding iPhone user community! You'll discover a world of options and features as you start your journey with your new device, which can improve your daily life. We’ve put together some important tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPhone experience. This comprehensive article will walk you through the various features and functions of your iPhone, from customization options to productivity tips. Let's start now!

    1. Quick Camera Access

    • Swipe left on the lock screen to quickly access the camera for capturing moments on the go.

    2. Control Center Customization

    • Personalize the Control Center in Settings to include your most-used features and shortcuts.

    3. Swipe Typing

    • Enable the swipe-to-type feature on the keyboard for faster text input. Just swipe your finger across the letters to form words.

    4. Face ID Alternative Appearance

    • Set up an alternative appearance for Face ID in case your facial features change, such as wearing makeup or a hat.

    5. Dark Mode

    • Activate Dark Mode in Display & Brightness settings for a visually comfortable experience, especially in low-light conditions.

    6. Hidden Scroll Bar

    • To quickly navigate through long lists, like contacts or websites, use the hidden scroll bar by dragging your finger on the right side.

    7. Silence Unknown Callers

    • Filter out spam calls by enabling the "Silence Unknown Callers" option in Phone settings.

    8. Shake to Undo

    • Shake your iPhone to undo typing or other actions. This feature can be disabled if you find it triggering accidentally.

    9. Battery Percentage in Status Bar

    • Display the battery percentage next to the battery icon by enabling this option in Battery settings.

    10. Custom Vibrations

    • Create custom vibration patterns for specific contacts in the Contacts app for personalized call or message notifications.

    11. Quick App Switching

    • Swipe left or right at the bottom of the screen to quickly switch between open apps.

    12. Offline Reading in Safari

    • Save articles for offline reading in Safari by tapping the share icon and selecting "Add to Reading List."

    13. Hide Photos

    • Keep sensitive photos private by hiding them from the main photo library. Select photos, tap "Share," and choose "Hide."

    14. Magnifier Tool

    • Turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass by enabling the Magnifier tool in Accessibility settings.

    15. One-Handed Keyboard

    • Enable the one-handed keyboard for easier typing on larger iPhone models. Press and hold the globe or emoji icon on the keyboard to access the option.

    16. Live Photos Editing

    • Edit Live Photos by choosing a new key photo or applying loop, bounce, or long exposure effects.

    17. Bedtime Mode

    • Use Bedtime Mode in the Clock app to maintain a consistent sleep schedule and receive sleep insights.

    18. Markup in Photos

    • Markup photos directly in the Photos app by selecting Edit and tapping the three-dot icon for additional tools.

    19. Emergency SOS

    • Familiarize yourself with Emergency SOS by setting up your emergency contacts and learning how to trigger it in critical situations.

    20. Optimize Storage

    • Free up space on your iPhone by enabling the "Optimize iPhone Storage" option in Photos settings to store full-resolution photos in iCloud.

    These tips and tricks can help new iPhone users make the most of their devices, enhancing efficiency and enjoyment.


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